Welcome to London Bridge Class

Class Teacher: Miss S. Winser (Howard’s Curriculum Lead)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs R. Verma


Handed out on Fridays,

Returned by Wednesday,

Please remember that homework is an important building stone in the child’s learning and development. The children will receive Dojo-Points for completed homework as well as particularly outstanding contributions.

Daily Reading:

To help further develop the children’s reading and academic development, please support and encourage the children to read daily for at least 10 minutes. This daily reading should then be recorded (title + pages) in the Learning Diary. We would kindly ask parents to sign/initial the record.

The children will receive Dojo-Points for daily reading.

Reading Activities:

Once the children have completed reading a book, they then choose an activity related to the book (e.g. book-review, letter to the author, sequel, character profile, alternative cover etc.). This activity is completed in the child’s Reading Journal. Our wonderful teaching assistants will then check, feedback and record the completion of these activities.

The children will receive multiple Dojo-Points to reward exceptional work.


Our current P.E. days are Tuesday and Wednesday with Miss Handley.

Week of 28th September 2020

September 28, 2020

Dear all,

We are now marching with gigantic steps towards the end of the calendar year and it is less than 3 months to the Christmas break. Monday is an Inset day, so you will have time to do something pleasant (hopefully it’s going to be sunny) and also complete your homework to an exceptional standard.


Important dates and times:

  • Please remember, Tuesday and Wednesday are our PE days.



While we won’t have assemblies, we will still keep up rewarding the children with merits which will happen in our Year group at the end of our Daily Mile on Fridays.



… Codey and Sienna in London Bridge – Superb.

… Alana and Amari in Cannon Street Bridge – Fabulous.


Lesson Content:


Using our superb text “Pax” by Sara Pennypacker, we will learn and practise to …

  • Further develop our understanding of perspective in narratives,
  • analyse the content and style of poems,
  • use inspiration from a text to create charcoal imagery,
  • analyse a character.


This week, we will …

  • Test our knowledge of place-value,
  • add 4-digit numbers with one,
  • a series of exchanges as well as
  • add numbers with more than 4-digits.


  • We will continue to explore the pronunciation rules in Spanish as well as learn basic communication phrases.


  • We will track the historical explosion of knowledge by exploring the clash of the helio- and geocentric view.


Religious Education

  • We will dive into Sikhism by exploring the importance of showing devotion to a God and using related symbolism.



  • We will continue securing and expanding our Location Knowledge of the world.


  • We will further expand our knowledge of chronology with a view onto Ancient Greece.


Homework (like in the separate post, click on the .pdf): Au1-Wk4-25September2020 AllTogether

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

Your team in Year 5



National Doodle Day

September 26, 2020

Happy Weekend to all of our families,

As part of our learning today, we found out about “National Doodle Day” which is a fundraising day to educate and support the work of We read the story “I’m not just a scribble …” and then created our very own doodles.

Have a look at our fabulous doodles!