Welcome to London Bridge Class

Class Teacher: Miss S. Winser (Howard’s Curriculum Lead)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs R. Verma


Handed out on Fridays,

Returned by Wednesday,

Please remember that homework is an important building stone in the child’s learning and development. The children will receive Dojo-Points for completed homework as well as particularly outstanding contributions.

Daily Reading:

To help further develop the children’s reading and academic development, please support and encourage the children to read daily for at least 10 minutes. This daily reading should then be recorded (title + pages) in the Learning Diary. We would kindly ask parents to sign/initial the record.

The children will receive Dojo-Points for daily reading.

Reading Activities:

Once the children have completed reading a book, they then choose an activity related to the book (e.g. book-review, letter to the author, sequel, character profile, alternative cover etc.). This activity is completed in the child’s Reading Journal. Our wonderful teaching assistants will then check, feedback and record the completion of these activities.

The children will receive multiple Dojo-Points to reward exceptional work.


Our current P.E. days are Tuesday and Wednesday with Miss Handley.