Welcome to Grosvenor Bridge Class.

We hope you have a wonderful year with us.

From Miss Kowalczyk, Miss Dale, Miss Evans and Mrs Carden.

Week beginning 22nd July 2019

Dear Parents, Carers

We would like to thank you for your support throughout the year and wish you and your families well for the much-earned summer break. We have enjoyed a wonderful year with you and your children, and we are very pleased with the progress they have made over the year. We wish them well for Year 1 and beyond.

You will receive a parent survey on Monday. We kindly ask if you would take some time to reflect on your year with us and let us know your thoughts. Your comments are very welcome so please complete one of our questionnaires on Monday. These can be completed, folded and dropped into the brown Parent comment box in the hallway on the bench near Chelsea Class.

The children will be having a picnic lunch with their classes on Tuesday. Please pack a healthy packed lunch in a disposable bag for Tuesday.

Kind Regards,

Reception Team


My year in Reception

Can you write a few sentences and draw pictures about what you enjoyed most about your year in Reception?

WORD LISTS: We will send home a few extra wordlists for those children who have not yet completed all 24 lists. So please look out for these in their book bags.

Year 1 Holiday Homework: Please note that the Year 1 teachers will send home a Y1 holiday homework sheet, please look out for these in book bags

Monday, 22nd July : Reception classes will spend a morning session with their Year 1 teachers and will have their school lunch with their Year 1 teachers

Tuesday, 23th July 2019: • The children will have their attendance medal assembly in the morning • The children will have a picnic lunch at lunchtime • School will end at 3.30pm as usual.

Thursday 5th September 2019: Children return to school to start in Year 1 at 8.50am.


week beginning 15th July 2019

Dear Parents, Carers

We would like to invite you to join us at our Reception Sports Day on Tuesday 16th July. Please send your child dressed in their PE kit on Tuesday. They will not need their bookbags or uniforms on Tuesday. School lunch will be provided for the children at 12.00.

The school gate on Dering Road will open at 10.15am for parent entry. Reception Sports Day is organised and led by trained Year 6 pupils who will lead the children around a circuit of activities arranged around the Key Stage 1 and 2 playgrounds. So when you arrive, please ask a member of staff or Year 6 sports leader to locate the activity station where your child will be. Please follow your child’s colour group around the circuit of activities and help cheer them on. Reception Sports Day will end at approximately 11.45 and we will gather together to congratulate the children.

At Reception Sports Day all children are winners because they all take part. We encourage all parents to support this ethos as the children develop their understanding of good sportsmanship. You may say a quick goodbye and congratulations to your child before we lead them off to lunch at 12.00. We hope you enjoy the morning with us.

Thank you for returning reading books and yellow diaries. We will continue to check word lists until the end of the week. If your child has not completed all 24 lists, they will continue with these into Year 1.

You can expect to receive your child’s end of year school report by Wednesday, 17th July. You will also be informed about your child’s Year 1 class teacher via the school report. If you have any questions about your child’s report please attend our drop-in session on Thursday 18th July from 3.40pm – 5.40pm

Kind Regards
Miss Pillay
Chelsea Class: Thursday 18th July will be Mrs Crooks final day with the class so please join me in thanking her for all her wonderful work with Chelsea Class this year. Grosvenor Class: Miss Kowalczyk is currently on maternity leave and the class is being covered by Mrs Keer and Miss Dale. Miss Kowalczyk will be available for the parent drop-in session on Thursday and will also be in school on last day 23rd July to bid farewell to Grosvenor Class. Please join me in wishing her well during her leave and thanking her for all her work with Grosvenor Class this year.
Favourite sea creature sea
Draw a picture of your favourite sea creature and write a few facts about it WORD LISTS: last day for checking word lists will be Friday 19th July 2019. Word lists will continue to be checked in Year 1 for those who have not completed up to List 24. 
Tuesday, 16th July 2019: Reception Sports Day
Thursday, 18th July:   Parent drop-in session from 3.40 – 5.40pm
Reception children to meet their Year 1 class teacher
Tuesday 23rd July: Last day of school for children
Thursday 5th September 2019: Children return to school to start in Year 1 at 8.50am.
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