Welcome to Grosvenor Bridge Class.

We hope you have a wonderful year with us.

From Mrs Keer, Mrs Simion, Miss Thompson and Miss Evans.

Week beginning 19th October 2020

Dear Parents, Carers

It’s hard to believe that the children have been with us for half a term already! The time has literally flown by. We are very pleased with how well they have settled into school and forged new friendships.

Thank you to all the parents who have now signed up to Tapestry. If you have not done so yet, please check the email you provided for an activation message. Please check your Junk Mail folder as well.

By the end of this week we will send paper copies of log in details for you to access Google Classroom, where you will find further messages and homework tasks.

Please note that the last day of school for children is Thursday. The children will be on half term break from Friday 23rd to Sunday 1st November.

School re-opens for children on Monday 2nd November.

Kind Regards, 

The Reception Team


This week’s learning


Literacy Focus: We continue the theme of what make us unique, with a new story.

Focus Book: The Colors of Us by Karen Katz (Please note the US English spelling of this title)

The children will discover and celebrate their similarities and differences to others, through this beautifully written and illustrated book.

Phonics: This week’s Phonics learning:

Monday: Speed Sounds Lesson /o/

Tuesday: Word Time lesson , in which they learn how to blend sounds to read words using the sounds /m/a/s/d/t/i/n/p/g/o

Wednesday: Speed Sounds Lesson /c/

Thursday: Speed Sounds Lesson /k/

PE focus: The children will continue to develop skills for handling and controlling a  ball using their hands and feet.

Maths Focus: This week the children will explore shapes in the environment, learning new mathematical vocabulary to describe these shapes

EAD Focus: Exploring colour mixing, lighter and darker shades of the same colour.

Week beginning 12th October 2020

Dear Parents and carers

The children have really enjoyed learning a new letter sound each day this past week as we began our Phonics lessons on Monday. Phonics lessons are initially taught as whole class lessons. Once the routines of lessons have been established, the children will be grouped into 5 smaller groups, each group led by Reception staff. Group Phonics sessions will take place after half term. Please continue to use the daily practice sheets your child brings home and go over all the sounds regularly with them to help with letter recognition and formation. See below for a video link to help you practise the correct pronunciation of the sounds. Also, explain to your child that letters have names such A, B, C, etc but they also make a sound to help us read them eg. a-a-a for apple

Thank you for completing and returning the Tapestry consent forms so promptly. We are now in a position to get everyone connected to Tapestry and you should have received an activation email as well as a second email with a Tapestry guide for set up. We are looking forward to sharing with you information about your child’s progress at school through the Tapestry online learning journal.

After a refurbishment, our garden area was reopened this week. The children have been very keen to explore the new messy area. However, due to the nature of this facility the children MUST wear wellies, so we ask that you please provide these, named and kept in school please. They will also use their  wellies for wet weather activities.

Some parents have asked this week how to get in touch with class teachers if they have any questions or need to update us with information. You can email class teachers at and we will respond to you within 48 hours at the latest, usually sooner.

Kind Regards

Reception Team

This weeks learning


Literacy Focus: We will continue introducing a new letter sound each day during our daily Phonics lessons.

Focus Book: The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson

A lovely story of chilhood, memory and imagination

PE focus: The children will learn basic ball skills: rolling, bouncing, throwing, aiming and catching.

Maths Focus: This week the children will continue to explore different types of patterns. They will also be thinking about different ways of measuring eg. using string, cubes, hands

EAD/PD Focus: Creating their own paper dolls inspired by our focus book, developing cutting skills.


Your child will learn one single letter sound each day in the following order:

Last week (Week 1): /m/, /a/, /s/, /d/ and /t/

This week (Week 2): /i/, /n/, /p/, /g/ and /o/ 

Last week of this half term (Week 3): /c/, k/, /u/ and /b/   (it’s a four day week)

After half term we will let you know the remaining sounds to be taught

Here’s a useful guide and a video to help you with sound pronunciation so you can support your child’s learning:

Sound Pronunciation Video

Please note that your child is currently only learning the single letter Set 1 sounds. The two letter sounds(digraphs) will be gradually introduced over time.

Also, we will post a video for parents with more information about Phonics on Google Classroom and you will be given more ainformation about this in due course.