Welcome to Cannon Street Class

Class Teacher: Mr C Grundey (Year Group Lead)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J. Brown


Handed out on Fridays,

Returned by Wednesday,

Please remember that homework is an important building stone in the child’s learning and development. The children will receive Dojo-Points for completed homework as well as particularly outstanding contributions.

Daily Reading:

To help further develop the children’s reading and academic development, please support and encourage the children to read daily for at least 10 minutes. This daily reading should then be recorded (title + pages) in the Learning Diary. We would kindly ask parents to sign/initial the record.

The children will receive Dojo-Points for daily reading.

Reading Activities:

Once the children have completed reading a book, they then choose an activity related to the book (e.g. book-review, letter to the author, sequel, character profile, alternative cover etc.). This activity is completed in the child’s Reading Journal. Our wonderful teaching assistants will then check, feedback and record the completion of these activities.

The children will receive multiple Dojo-Points to reward exceptional work.


Our current P.E. days are Tuesday (Miss Handley) and Wednesday (Mr Grundey).



Easter-Week – Spring 2 – Week 6 – 29th March 2021

March 28, 2021

Race towards the finishing line – the Easter break is in sight.


Over this slightly shorter week we will be learning:


    • This week will be used to assess in order to customise the next term’s learning in Mathematics.
    • However, we will still work through our Fluent in 5 tasks.


    • I can identify the features of a news-report.

    • I can organise notes into paragraphs for a news-report.

    • I can use a range of devices to write a news-report.

Foundation Subjects

  • SRE: I can understand how hormones trigger change.
  • Geography: I can use OS map symbols.
  • Spanish: I can consolidate and apply my Spanish learning from this term.
  • RE: I can understand and empathise with the Easter story as an important part in Christian life and belief.
  • Art: I can explore religion in Art work.
  • PSHE → Since it is Autism Awareness Week, we will also be completing a range of activities related to the topic.




We hope that you are going to enjoy this week.

Miss Winser, Mrs Verma, Mrs Brown & Mr Grundey

Spring 2 – Week 5 – 22nd March 2021

March 21, 2021

Happy return to the last full pre-Easter week,

This week we will be learning:

  • Maths:
    • I can use line graphs to solve problems.
    • I can assess knowledge of statistics.
    • I can subtract using the column method.
    • I can multiply 2 digits by 2 digits (area method).
    • I can multiply 2 digits by 2 digits (column method).
  • English:
    • I can improve a range of sentences (vocabulary, grammar).
    • I can organise notes into paragraphs.
    • I can use a range of devices to write a biography.
    • I can use a range of devices to write a biography.
    • I can give and act upon peer-feedback and improve my writing.
  • SRE: I can understand and apply the PANTS rules (Pantosaurus)
  • Geography: I can use 4-and 6-figure grid-references.
  • Spanish: I can understand and apply the difference between mis and mi.
  • RE: I can make links between different Christian denomination.
  • ICT: I can explore algorithms to create Art in Scratch (linked with Inkscape).
  • Art: I can sketch a plan for my Chihuly art project.
  • Science: I can explore the life-cycle of various birds.


We hope that you are going to enjoy the week.

Miss Winser, Mrs Verma, Mrs Brown & Mr Grundey

Spring 2 – Week 4 – 15th March 2021

March 14, 2021

Happy Sunday or Monday morning (depending on when you are reading this),


Our 2nd week of almost normality and we are really looking forward to this week’s learning journey. Please check out the learning objectives below.


  • I can calculate angles around a point.
  • I can calculate lengths and angles in shapes.
  • I can assess knowledge on angles.
  • I can read and interpret line graphs.
  • I can create a line graph (HW too) .


  • I can empathise with a character and describe the formation of the NUWSS.
  • I can empathise with a character and describe the formation of the WSPU.
  • I can compare 2 key personalities in the suffrage movement.
  • I can identify the features of a good biography.
  • I can apply my knowledge to improve a poor biography.


  • Mild – I can correctly spell words with /ei/ sound spelt ei, eigh and ey.
  • Hot / Spicy – I can correctly spell frequently mistaken homophones.

Geography: I can use the 8- and 16-point compass directions.

ICT: I can explore algorithms to create Art in Scratch (linked with Inkscape).

Science: I can describe and explain key processes in the life-cyle of a mammal.

Spanish: I can recap and further expand conversational vocabulary around “Mi familia”.

RE: To investigate prayer.

SRE: I can name the reproductive organs.


Have a wonderful week,

Miss Winser, Mrs Verma, Mrs Brown & Mr Grundey

Spring 2 Week 3 – 8th March 2021 – The Return

March 7, 2021


Welcome back everyone,

We are so looking forward to welcoming you back for face-to-face teaching in school from Monday, the 8th March 2021. Just in case that questions about Monday remain, here are a few key-points:

  • Find here is a copy of the letter that was sent out last week about Monday’s re-opening.
  • We start at 9:00 and finish at 15:15.
  • The children in Year 5 will enter and leave where the Blue-Flag-Zone is (just like before Christmas really).
  • On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we have PE, so children will be required to wear their school PE clothes to school as we are not able to allow changing in the classroom.
  • Our Music day stays the Wednesday, when Mr Regan will be leading us through “Sound-Progress“.
  • On Friday afternoon, we will give the children 15 min off reward time for good learning and behaviour for learning within the week (Dojo-Points).
  • Children need to have their own (chosen) Reading Book for reading during transition and calm phases. These books will also be used for sessions where an adult from class will read with the children.
  • Please ensure that all Learning Diaries travel between home and school daily and assist the children in recording their daily reading (Dojo-Points will reward daily reading).
  • Homework will be sent out on Fridays for a return on Wednesdays.
  • Children who cannot be present in school are required to use Google Classroom and complete as well as submit the work set there. In addition, in case of absences, we will aim to include as many live-links/lessons with the child as possible.


This week, we will be learning …


  • I can measure angles in degrees.
  • I can measure with a protractor (acute angles).
  • I can measure with a protractor (obtuse angles).
  • I can draw lines and angles accurately.
  • I can calculate angles on a straight line.


  • I can empathise with feelings that lead/led to change.
  • I can identify features and motives in/behind a text (incl. questions to the author).
  • I can use information texts and visual context to explore the past.
  • I can identify and reflect on language for effect.
  • I can identify the power of illustrations and respond to them.

ICT: I can secure and expand my skills in using Inkscape.

RE: I can apply ideas about religions and world views thoughtfully.

Art: I can explore perspective and illusion in photography.

Geography: I can explain the importance of protecting our coasts.

RHE: I can understand the dangers of alcohol.

Spanish: I can exchange basic information about family members.

Science: I can explore the properties of materials and their use – British Science Week.

Feeling a bit nervous about returning to school on March 8th?

March 6, 2021

Spring 2 – Week 2 – 1st March 2021

February 28, 2021

… Pinch-punch first of the month, everybody.

Unbelievable, this is the beginning of the third month of the year and the last week (for now) of our home-learning before we will return to school in one week’s time.

A lot of excitement is waiting for us, particularly on Thursday, when we will be celebrating World-Book-Day. Bring your favourite quote (sentence from a story) to our live-session. We will continue with our daily storytelling and you will finally find out, whether Lila will become a true Firework-Maker.

In Maths as well as Science, we are starting a new topic this week. In Music, we will also try something slightly different this week, before Mr Regan returns on the 10th March in school. So, we can’t wait to start. Have a look at our timetable below.

See you soon and have a wonderful week,

Miss Winser, Mrs Verma, Mrs Brown & Mr Grundey


Spring 2 – Week 1 – 22nd February 2021

February 21, 2021

Spring is marching our way in big steps.

What signs of Spring have you spotted yet … early sunrises, birds tweeting or nesting, the first pretty flowers, buds on trees and shrubs, bees out foraging …? 

Please find here our timetable for the week ahead.

We can’t wait to see you all back in our live sessions, support drop-ins and storytelling events.

Miss Winser, Mrs Verma, Mrs Brown & Mr Grundey

Spring 1 – Week 6 – 8th February 2021

February 7, 2021


The first half-term of this calendar year is nearing its end and we all have learnt so much about learning from the distance. If you are very observant, you will have already spotted the first signs of Spring around as well.

Let’s keep the spirit up and carry it into a new exciting and short week.

On Thursday, we will tell you in more detail what tasks we are preparing for your holidays since no one can go anywhere anyway and you might be searching for things to do and move you forward.

All the best,

Your Year 5 team

Spring 1 – Week 5 – 1st February 2021

January 31, 2021

We are now starting our 5th week of online learning and every day we are amazed and impressed again and again by your fabulous commitment,

The week ahead has two different foci nationally, it is National Storytelling week as well as Children’s Mental Health week. Both of these aspects are so important in our lives and actually can be linked. So, a few exciting surprises will be waiting for you.

To help us “streamline“ our online learning, from this week on, we would very much like you to assist us by following these two little routines:

  1. When you complete an assignment on paper, please tell us. Simply write “Completed on Paper“ after opening the file/document/assignment. Also remember that you can send us your work as a picture like many of you are already doing.
  2. Use the “Help-Sessions“ more intensively for questions you have regarding your learning.


Here is our timetable for the week.

We are so grateful for your fabulous work over the last four weeks.

Keep showing us your greatest work and pride.



Your Year 5 adults.

Spring 1 – Week 4 – 25th January 2021

January 24, 2021

Happy Monday to everyone,

We hope you had a wonderful weekend. There was even a little bit of white decoration falling out of the sky. We hope you enjoyed that. Isn’t it incredible how quickly this January has passed? At the end of the week, we already get to say goodbye to month that is often called “dreadful” by others.

As you know, there is another incredibly exciting week of learning waiting for you. Please check out the time-table below.

When going through the lessons, please make sure to follow the recorded lessons just as precisely as you do with the live-lessons. Pretend you were in class.


Enjoy your learning. We will see each-other in the live and help sessions.

Your Year 5 team


Y5 Timetable Wb 25_01_2021