Autumn 1 – Week 3 – 19th September 2022

Autumn 1 – Week 3 – 19th September 2022

Welcome to ….

On this memorable bank-holiday, here are the objectives for the exciting week ahead.

Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday (London) &

Monday and Tuesday (Cannon).

  • I can add whole numbers with more than 4-digits.
  • I can round to estimate and approximate my calculations.
  • I can solve multi-step addition problems.


English (incl. Reading)
  • To engage in book talk.
  • To compare and contrast characters.
  • Short Writing Task


  • To secure my phonetic knowledge of Spanish – II.
  • Trip to the Royal Observatory


  • Jigsaw – Topic: Being Me


  • I can develop my understanding of symbols.
  • I can understand the significance of Guru Nanak.
  • I can identify the key features of a gurdwara.


Enjoy your Monday afternoon and evening.

Your Year 5 Team.