Autism Acceptance Month Assembly

Today, Thursday 28th April 2022 , children will take part in our Autism Acceptance Month Assembly.

This assembly aims to raise awareness, in a child friendly way, of what it means to be autistic so children and adults can understand strengths and difficulties of a peer who is on the autistic spectrum.

Before we broke up for the Easter holidays, each child received an Autism Acceptance Month Fun Booklet to complete at home so children could prepare for assembly and involve parents in the process.

During assembly, Mrs Pollington will take the children on a journey to discover autism and what strengths and needs an autistic person might have. Children will learn about the 5 senses , visual language, visual aids and role models.

Children will role play how they can show kindness, understanding , care to an autistic person who is experiencing sensory overload or be confused by language. We will look at the media world to find examples of autistic children who have grown into adults and are living their dream.

You can see a selection of photos taken during assembly here:



The School Assembly is based on this video resource. You can watch the Assembly video resource here:

Autism Together is a great organisation which supports children and adults with autism and their families. You can find more information on Autism and this organisation by clicking on the link below.

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