Summer 2 – Week 7 – 18th July 2022

A moment to be sentimental – our last week in Year 5.

This is the chance to finish off the things we haven’t yet completed.

As usual, here are the objectives for the week ahead.

PE days remain Tuesday and Thursday.


  • I can securely convert between fractions and decimals.
  • I can securely multiply decimals and integers (incl. equivalent fractions and decimals).
  • I can securely locate shapes in a co-ordinate grid.
  • I can securely translate shapes in a co-ordinate grid.


  • I can write a newspaper article – part II.
  • I can engage in book talk.


  • I can review my Spanish learning of this year.


  • I can explore virtual galleries and plan my own sculpture.
  • I can investigate and interpret the past (the story of Eweka)
  • I can build an overview of world history (religion).
  • I can investigate the importance of trade in the Benin Kingdom.
  • I can explain the reasons behind the fall of the Benin Kingdom.


Design & Technology
  • I can assemble my tree-house.


Enjoy your Sunday evening.

Your Year 5 Team.