Week beginning 10th June


We will be continuing our work on police reports. The children will be planning and writing their own.


We will be recapping estimating, the commutativity of addition (e.g adding numbers in an any order and getting the same answer), multiplication and division facts and the commutativity of multiplication (multiplying numbers in any order).


We are hoping to link our work on hot and cold colours to geography and will be looking at hot and cold countries in relation to the equator.


We will be naming and locating the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world.


We will be exploring the Arctic habitat. We will also be looking at how humans can keep healthy e.g diet, hygiene and exercise.


We are going to be making the most of the good weather this term. We will be doing ball skills with tennis/ basketball and skipping.

Important information

Key Stage 1 Sports Day

Thursday 11th July at the Old Whitgiftian’s Sports Club

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